Talking Sky Astrology - Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra

Last night looking over the Sandia Mountains, the Moon was beautiful. There was a ring of bright light surrounding the moon with Jupiter close by and very visible. Around the ring of light was a larger ring of whitish haze whose edges were tinted copper and then a rusty red color, with the very outer edges looking almost to be a metallic dark blue. To me it almost seemed liked a painting. I’ve seen many Full Moons, but this one was truly unique and quite spectacular! And tomorrow, March 23rd, in the early morn, it will be completely full in the sign of Libra.

So let’s look at the astrological significance of this Moon.  First, Lunar Eclipses are Full Moons that pass through some portion of Earth's shadow. They are a more potent Full Moon, and Eclipses are known to usher in change. Full Moons are big and luminous, and shine a powerful light on situations that have reached their peak. We become more aware of our feelings, and thoughts.  With that, we have an opportunity to understand what lies beneath the surface, of what is motivating us.  Many times during a Full Moon, we can gain clarity concerning what we are ready to move forward with or ready to let go of. Where all of the pieces of a situation come together and create the whole picture. For many it is a time of knowing….of taking a position.

Libra Is an air sign that seeks peace, and holds, love, beauty, harmony, and balance in great value. Libra has a natural orientation to the thoughts, feelings, and intentions of others, and with this eclipse in the sign of Libra, relationships of all kinds are on the forefront.  The opposite sign is Aries, a fire sign that seeks courage. Aries is action oriented, independent, and determined.  Aries is the Warrior, charging into the future. This Lunar Eclipse can create an intense awareness of the importance of finding the correct balance between independence and inter-dependence. Between boldly moving forward and taking into consideration the feelings and needs of others.

Adding an extra layer of Aries energy to this Eclipse is the Spring Equinox, which was just a few days ago, when the Sun moved into the fire sign of Aries signaling the beginning of the new astrological year.   Mercury, the planet of communication and perception is also in Aries, and in a very tight conjunction with the Sun. This configuration fuels the need to talk, to listen, to share ideas, thoughts, and feelings.   During this time of year, there is a feeling of renewed energy and beginnings. A sense of new life and hope. As nature blooms so can we.

Is there an area of life, or an important relationship that needs more balance? Is there a situation in your life that has come to a head, and requires attention? During this Moon be aware that emotions can become intense and overwhelming. Hold your desired outcome and remember the importance of listening as well as speaking.  Open to higher guidance as you open your heart, and be aware of the difference between reacting and conscious action.

If you are interested in knowing where this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra falls in your personal birthchart, please send me your birth information. I need mm/dd/yyyy, time of birth am/pm (as exact as possible, birth certificate is best), and city and state of birth.

Be Well ~ Be Love


Talking Sky Astrology - NEW MOON IN CAPRICORN – JANUARY 9, 2016

The New Moon beckons us with the safety of darkness to create. The vast quiet within….to imagine, to desire, to pull out of nothing….something. The New Moon gives us the opportunity to take a breath and start again.  It is part of the rhythm of life that brings hope and encourages momentum. A time of renewal….

The first New Moon of 2016 is in Capricorn, and I find it interesting because January is the month when many create their resolutions for new intentions, improvements, and in essence, starting fresh. This Moon transit in Capricorn can be very supportive to get going with what matters to you, if you listen to Capricorn’s message.

Capricorn is an earth sign that seeks integrity through the development of inner authority and mastery within the physical world. There is a strong orientation to career, but more broadly the accomplishment of something meaningful; a goal, a dream, something that requires something of a person. One of the symbols for Capricorn is the mountain goat, a sturdy creature who step by step, with a powerful resolution, climbs the mountain to reach the highest peak. 

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Saturn is currently in the fire sign of Sagittarius and in a conjunction (a close relationship) with Venus also in Sagittarius, blending the energy of love with the energy of discipline. Saturn asks us to be serious and commit to something of personal value. To do the work necessary to grow within the reality of our given situation.

Venus asks us to remember to call in love. When we bring love into the mix of anything, we are bringing ourselves, our true essence. When we bring love, we make healthier choices and this can support and strengthen the necessary commitment, patience, and discipline needed to achieve what we want to accomplish. Venus moves quickly through the cosmos, and this close aspect lasts only a few days, but long enough for us to feel divine guidance and inspiration in regards to our growth process.

And Pluto in Capricorn is nearby further emphasizing the importance of integrity as we seek purpose and fulfillment in any facet of our lives.

During this New Moon, feel what matters to you, what has been calling you. And although it could be your ultimate life goal, it doesn’t have to be as not everyone is sure of what that is in their lives. But something…something that you know you need to do. Maybe just consider the possibilities, or plant a seed.  Capricorn energy is like that…deep inside you know it is important, and in some way, it is time to get started….

Looking into your birthchart for the house that this Moon occurs in, as well as the transit of Saturn and your natal Saturn, will provide information that can bring personal understanding about the energy and message of this New Moon in Capricorn. If you would like to know the placements of these transits, please send me your birth information. I would need your date of birth mm/dd/yyyy, time of birth am/pm (as exact as possible, birth certificate preferred), and city and state of birth. Or if you have any questions or comments, please contact me at I would love hear from you!

Be Well ~ Be Love



January 5, 2016 Mercury at 1 degree Aquarius will station Retrograde. Within a few days, on the 8th, Mercury’s backward movement will take Mercury back into Capricorn.

When Mercury stations retrograde it is a cosmic signal to pause… mentally reflect, gather information, and re-evaluate. The area of life represented by the house in your birthchart shows were this inner reflection is closely related to.  Often during Mercury retrogrades information flow, conversations, intentions become mixed up, misunderstood, or just plain lost. It can be frustrating, and taking a step back and looking at everything before you continue can be very useful.  In experiencing any annoying delays, remember that there is purpose in this. There are times when it is valuable to go over details, and take time to make decisions as it helps in making better decisions. There is a gift in going through files, cleaning out drawers and closets, updating emails lists or creating a business calendar. In our busy lives we need some time to plan before we take action. To get things in order. It actually makes life smoother.

This retrograde begins in Aquarius, an air sign that is revolutionary, innovative, freedom loving, and seeks individuality. There is a uniqueness about Aquarius that can stand out in a crowd. A fearlessness to be real. At 1 degree this begins with the need to delve more deeply into what is authentic for each of us. What changes need to happen to facilitate this process?  And again, the house in the birthchart will shine light on the area of life being stimulated. There is also a square to Mars at 1 degree Scorpio adding some tension, and possible fear, frustration, and even anger to the onset of the first retrograde of the calendar year. However, squares are compelling, and can foster growth. And the square will let up…so hang in if today feels tense…

On the 8th Mercury’s movement will take it back into the earth sign of Capricorn shifting our inner gaze upon integrity, possibly career, and meaningful achievement.  At the end of this retrograde Mercury will be in a sextile with Mars, adding the desire to be focused and take action. It will also be squaring Uranus, touching once again on the need to be more authentic and the fears that arise around how that can manifest. Lastly, Mercury makes a conjunction with Pluto, bringing us all to reflect upon what is really important to us to do, to work for, and to accomplish; through structure, responsibility, and commitment.

And if you’re able to, move forward after Mercury stations direct on the 25th with your realizations, the plans you developed, the decisions made, any big purchases, or long term commitments. And some basic Mercury retrograde suggestions…do remember to write things down, make your lists, double check your facts, and take a moment before you erase anything!! Make copies and back up your files.  If you can’t wait, then take a moment, or two, or three and explore all avenues, discuss all feelings, understand all the details, and be as clear as you can about all matters.

Remember that there is a shadow period of about 2 weeks after that can still create a bit of delay or confusion. The wheels begin to turn slowly and the energy shifts…as above, so below…

If you would like to know the house within your birthchart that Mercury retrograde triggers, please send me your birth information. I would need your date of birth mm/dd/yyyy, time of birth am/pm (as exact as possible), and city and state of birth. Or if you have any questions or comments, please contact me at

Be Well ~ Be Love

Deborah - Talking Sky Astrology


Every month we have the opportunity to work with the Dark Moon and consider new possibilities. We are cosmically encouraged to open to something yet unrealized, to weave together a hope, a wish, a dream, into the fabric of our lives.

This New Moon is in the fire sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius has a zest for life and all the promise of great adventure!  Sagittarius seeks knowledge and understanding, through the gathering of new experiences.  Traveling to an exotic location, or exploring different world views are nourishment to this ever searching fire sign.   

Sagittarius is on a quest for the meaning of life.  Who are we? Why are we here; what is our purpose? We grow up and through school, family, friends, and society we absorb ideas and belief systems; knowingly and unknowingly. Unless we go beyond these beliefs, many times we don’t actually realize what it is that guides us. With an orientation to seek further than what is known, Sagittarius searches out and names its own beliefs. Living by personal principle and faith that life is worth living; Sagittarius moves forward.  During this Moon consider what your personal truth is, as you set your sights on what and where you are being called to plant the seed of something new.

Sagittarius also is a sign that requires freedom and movement. There is an innocent exuberance that can at times take off a bit too quickly, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and this can create some mishaps not anticipated.  Move with trust, yet be conscious of what you desire the outcome to be as you make decisions and take actions.

Jupiter, which rules Sagittarius is currently in the sign of Virgo, and is part of this Moon energy. Jupiter in Virgo squares this New Moon creating stress for the exuberance of this Sagittarius Moon; yet if you look at it with an open mind, you will see it can be an experience of growth; one that can feel compelling. This energy brings the need to stretch further, to feed your dreams using discernment and attention to the details. With a hopeful heart, we all have the opportunity to set that seed of something new in the soil, with a carefully constructed plan that will have a better chance of fully manifesting.

It’s very important to understand what house of your birthchart this New Moon falls into. This will give you the information about the area of life that is the setting for new beginnings. Where you are being asked to move forward with some hope and faith, to go into the unknown, or the known in a new and different way. In doing so there is the realization that life offers the opportunity for new ideas, direction and growth if we open ourselves up to it.

If you would like to know the house within your birthchart that this New Moon falls into, please send me your birth information. I would need your date of birth mm/dd/yyyy, time of birth am/pm (as exact as possible), and city and state of birth. Or if you have any questions or comments, please contact me at

Be Well ~ Be Love


New Moon in Scorpio • Talking Sky Astrology

November 11, 2015 the Moon is dark in the sign of Scorpio. The New Moon, the beginning of a new lunar cycle, when we wake up to something new, something that is asking for expression. We can’t see the New Moon, just as we can’t fully see the entirety of a new path, idea, or long held desire. That’s the beauty, the unknowing.  Yet, we venture forward into the dark where we create and bring something to life.

Scorpio is water and full of intense feelings. As we consider this cycle while in Scorpio we are asked to look into our own shadow, to face the fears, old wounds, and memories that may get in the way of us being able to begin. To take that first step. What are your fears?  In saying this phrase to yourself….”I want to…but…” acknowledge what comes up, and in what area of life.  This is the time to dig deep and begin the healing process.

Mercury is in a conjunction with the Moon and part of this energy.  Mercury is the messenger focused on communication, thought, and perception.  Mercury in Scorpio drives the thought process deep, peeling away the layers as it searches for the truth. This can be a time of important, honest dialogue with yourself, and others to bring to light old and well-worn patterns that need to be understood, so that in time they can be released. Be aware of the potential of becoming stuck and not seeing anything other than old hurts and memories.  Remember that life is fluid and change is always occurring on some level. It is possible with awareness and intention, and with the help and support of trusted friends to transform how we think about things; to choose a new and more life affirming inner voice.

Scorpios and those with personal planets in the sign of Scorpio will feel this Moon more intensely.

If you are interested in knowing where this New Moon in Scorpio falls in your personal birthchart, please send me your birth information. I need mm/dd/yyyy, time of birth am/pm (as exact as possible, birth certificate is best), and city and state of birth.

Be Well ~ Be Love


New Moon in Libra - October 12, 2015 - Talking Sky Astrology

Today at 6:05pm MT there will be a New Moon in the sign of Libra.  Within the darkness of the New Moon consciousness opens to possibilities, and an idea, a goal, a long hidden desire receives the quiet nurturing to take on form and come to life.

Libra is an air sign, that has a love of the beautiful, the harmonious, and ultimately Libra seeks peace. Libra has a natural orientation to other people, as well as the idea of justice. The scales. The balance within oneself, between people, and within life. Fairness.

Recently we have had opportunities to explore and integrate the energy of Libra within our lives through astrological transits. The Aries Lunar Eclipse highlighted the dynamic between personal needs and the needs of others. After that Mercury retrograde in Libra offered the opportunity to look deeply into our relationships through personal reflection and conversation. This retrograde also gave us time to understand and create needed balance in our lives.

Relationships of all kinds are on the front burner. Our ability to be who we are, and be close to another person, to work with another person. The delicate dance of balance to support each person within the whole.  Adding energy to this Moon is Mercury, now direct in Libra urging us to move forward with honest communication, and share our feelings and ideas. This can be a good time to do some journal work, or set your intentions in writing.

Also in this transit is Uranus in Aries in opposition to the New Moon in Libra. This once again creates another layer of awareness and some tension between freedom and commitment; oneself and the other person.  Sudden revelations or shifts in experiences may come to light.

On a broader scale, these energies also bring up the idea of harmony, beauty, and peace in our personal lives as well as the collective human experience. This New Moon in Libra calls each of us to create something new. Within ourselves, our relationships, our lives.  

Be still and feel your inner motivation and intention…what will you set forth today?

If you are interested in knowing where this New Moon in Libra falls in your personal birthchart, please send me your birth information. I need mm/dd/yyyy, time of birth am/pm (as exact as possible, birth certificate is best), and city and state of birth.

Be Well ~ Be Love

Deborah - Talking Sky Astrology

Super Moon/Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries • September 2015

Today at 6:50pm MT there will be a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Aries. This Moon is also a Super Moon, the closest Super Moon of this year due to the elliptical orbit of the Moon. When the Moon is so close to the Earth, the effect on the tides and our consciousness is greater.  Two more things that add extra potency to this lunation is that it is the fourth of four total lunar eclipses which is called a tetrad, and that it occurs very close to the Equinox, a time of increased openness and cosmic energy flow.

All Full Moons are a time when emotions intensify, realizations can be very clear, circumstances can culminate, and many times we then make a commitment, take an action, move forward or let go of a given situation. This Moon in the sign of Aries, creates an opposition with the Sun in Libra and the dynamic is between independence and inter-dependence. Aries is the passionate Warrior and Libra is the gracious Peacemaker. Aries is “I”, and Libra is “We”. This opens us and directs our attention to the importance of balancing the needs we have with the needs of others.

Relationships are on the front burner during this time, even more so as Mercury is currently retrograde in the sign of Libra, bringing the need for deep reflection on relationships.  This Moon brings us all to an awareness that within our individual lives and the collective, the importance of interconnectedness. That although it is important to have a clear sense of self and the ability to stand strong, we are all in this together, that we are not here alone.  

When we are in a true partnership, romantic or otherwise, each person becomes more of who they are meant to be. The relationship is supportive, empowering and life affirming, with healthy space and shared commitment that can weather the storms of life and come out stronger.

Do keep in mind that this very powerful Moon in Aries can bring up fears, frustrations, and anger and in any communications with others, express your truth with honesty and compassion to create a resolve that is mutually understood.

Whatever emotions or issues this Moon stirs up, are what will no longer wait and is in the forefront of requiring our attention.  There is a sense or needing to release the fear and move beyond into the unknown and claim a different outcome. This inner process calls for our own healing that we then can bring to others. There is something transformational on the other side of fear. Its name is Love….

If you are interested in knowing where this Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries falls in your personal birthchart, please send me your birth information. I need mm/dd/yyyy, time of birth am/pm (as exact as possible, birth certificate is best), and city and state of birth.

Be Well ~ Be Love

Deborah • Talking Sky Astrology

Talking Sky Astrology • September 2015

Mercury Retrograde in Libra

Saturn in Sagittarius


Today, September 17, 2015 is a very significant day for astrological transits. First we have the last retrograde of Mercury in 2015. This retrograde beginning September 17th is in the air sign of Libra. Libra is all about relationships, the balance, harmony, and peace that can result when two people relate honestly, openly, and with love. Libra also is concerned with aesthetics. The making of, or the appreciation of art, beauty, and that which relaxes or pleases.

During Mercury retrograde it is a time when mental activity turns inward. When reflection, reviewing, re-considering, and redoing something calls to us. It is a time to go back and clean out the cluttered drawers and closets of our lives and our minds. A time to reorganize and get clear, so that when Mercury stations direct on October 9th, we can move forward with greater confidence and purpose.

This is a great time to talk with significant others or those just on the horizon. Get to know someone better. Deepen a budding love. Strengthen and polish a long term commitment. Talk to each other. Listen with attention. Be aware of the balance needed between two people and their respective needs. Create healthy space as you knit the bonds of love or friendship even closer.  Remember that words spoken in hurt or anger can’t be taken back. Breathe before you communicate if upset. And if reflection and communication reveal the need for release, may resolve, respect, and peace be your guides.

This also is a time when we can creatively work with ourselves. We each have a relationship with ourselves whether we are conscious of it or not. Create quiet space and allow thoughts and feelings to surface. Write a letter to yourself. Describe what may desired or who may be desired and why. Think about the type of growth that would enrich your life. Define methods to achieve greater ease and peace in life. Be specific. Be bold. Be honest.

And always the basics of a Mercury retrograde. Do remember to write things down, make your lists, double check your facts, and take a moment before you erase anything!! Make copies and back up your files. If you can, hold off on large purchases or long term commitments until you consider all avenues, discuss all feelings, understand all the details. If you can’t, again take a moment, or two, or three and be as clear as you can about all matters.

Now the big one! Saturn has been in the sign of Scorpio since October 5, 2012, except for the 6 month first entry into Sagittarius from December 23, 2014 to June 16, 2015, when Saturn then finished up its last few months of Scorpio. Today, Saturn leaves Scorpio and begins its longer and final leg of this transit through the fire sign of Sagittarius until December 20, 2017.  It takes approximately 28 – 29 years for Saturn to go through all of the signs. The last time Saturn was in the sign of Sagittarius occurred between November 16, 1985 and November 11, 1988. If you can remember that time, think back on what your life was like and some of the things that were going on. This can give you some insight into this current transit and some ways it may affect you.

Saturn is the planet of maturity. It is a planet that brings into our experience the reality of things. It helps to define boundaries and limitations. In that, it can also help us to reach inside and find our strength, our patience, our self-discipline and determination to work with those boundaries. Saturn requires us to do the work, if we want the gifts it offers.

While Saturn was in Scorpio, many of the patterns of unprocessed, unconscious human behaviors were brought to the surface. Hiding from our wounds and denials were not as easy to do, and for many impossible. Individually and collectively we were called to look into our own shadow for the purpose of claiming our wholeness and the healing that can result from such emotionally honest work.  In writing these words I don’t mean to simplify this process or this time period. For many it was difficult, yet cathartic. And for others it was too much. There have been many headlines and most of us are aware of the many events triggered by deep pain, uncontrollable anger, and overwhelming hopelessness, and the tragic outcomes that occurred.  As a result of these events, the need to find understanding, healing and peace became even more pronounced.

Now in the fire sign of Sagittarius, the energy that was focused, intense, and probing to the depths of our souls is now coming up out of the dark. There is a need for movement. Saturn still requires something very significant of each of us, but now it is asking us to go out into the world after our time of deep inner reflection and healing, and grow. To go beyond the wounds that held us back and stretch further into life. To do something different. To reach for our dreams with faith that with a plan, hard work, and determination we just might achieve them. Travel to some place exotic if you can, study something new or intriguing, go on a quest that broadens your view of life and the world. Think about,  about what you believe in, and delve into philosophical discussions with others.

Because this is Saturn we are talking about, even in Sagittarius, there can still be the feeling of pressure, that it feels difficult.  For those that have their Sun or Moon in Sagittarius, this transit will be strongly felt and experienced, and if done well can be a time of continued maturity and dignity.  For all of us the house that Saturn is moving through can provide important information about the area of life that is being affected. Wherever Saturn moves through the birthchart it is wise to give attention to that area of life and attend to it as responsibly as you can.

Every sign has a shadow expression and for Sagittarius with all of this fire signs exuberance and zest for life there can be the real potential for some insensitivity, carelessness, and over-confidence that can result in unwanted consequences.  This transit urges us to take some action and grow, travel, explore life in a new and exciting way, but do so with your eyes on the road and awareness of those around you.

It’s time for all of us to take a deep breath and stretch our wings in anticipation. To get serious about growth and the exploration of life.  I for one am ready for something new, for something positive, for something that will inspire! I am ready for my own version of an adventure…. are you?

If you would like to know the houses within your birthchart that these transits fall into, please send me your birth information. I would need your date of birth mm/dd/yyyy, time of birth am/pm (as exact as possible), and city and state of birth. Or if you have any questions or comments, please contact me at

Be Well ~ Be Love

Deborah Sipple

New Moon in Cancer July 15, 2015


The New Moon is a time when something within asks for space and expression.  This Moon is extra potent for the Moon rules sensitive Cancer.

Cancer is a water sign that draws us inward to the heart, to nurturing, to home and family. It is Mother energy; doing for others before herself. Cancer is full on emotion, empathetic, imaginative, and shy. Cancer has a strong need to feel safe, to care for others and to not hurt anyone. This can lead to hiding feelings, thoughts, and needs to the point of becoming invisible. Cancer’s lesson is to open the heart to life and allow vulnerability to be seen and supported.

Mercury and Mars both in Cancer add astrological energy to this Moon, providing emotional courage to acknowledge personal feelings, as well as the ability to use our voice, and take appropriate action with love and sensitivity setting in motion our desired intentions. 

This New Moon will occur Wednesday at 7:24pm MDT.  During this Moon, open your heart.  What are you feeling?  What do you need? What are the needs of others? What is asking for acknowledgment and expression in your life?  What or who in your life would benefit from heartfelt nurturing? Be gentle with yourself as you give space and bring to life that which has been dormant, waiting, and hoping. The time is now. May this New Moon be a blessed time of awakening…

If you would like to know the house within your birthchart that this New Moon falls into, please send me your birth information. I would need your date of birth mm/dd/yyyy, time of birth am/pm (as exact as possible), and city and state of birth. Or if you have any questions or comments, please contact me at

Be Well ~ Be Love


Talking Sky Astrology • Full Moon in Capricorn

On July 1st at 7:19 pm PST, the Moon is big, bright, and full in the earth sign of Capricorn. The Full Moon is a time of completion or realization. It is a time when conclusions are reached, decisions are made, and resolutions can be acted upon.

 All Full Moons occur when the Sun is opposite the Moon. This creates an awareness, a tension of the different needs and expression of these two luminaries, and the importance of integrating each of these energies to create balance.  This polarity occurs between the Sun in Cancer and Moon in Capricorn, and represents the balance between home, family, safety and personal nurturing (Cancer), and career, goals, achievement, and public reputation (Capricorn).  

Capricorn is a sign that seeks to align its outer world with its inner beliefs. Integrity, responsibility, self-reliant, commitment, determination; these are Capricorn characteristics. Capricorn is deeply goal oriented, and the sometimes solitary, slow, and steady path are an integral part of their accomplishment. Through this timely process Capricorn develops their own personal inner authority that can be serving, solidifying, and steadfast. This inner authority is their personal beacon, yet at times, and for some, can become overbearing, and even tyrannical.

Pluto which has been in the sign of Capricorn since 2008 sits close to the Moon adding a depth and intensity to this lunation. Pluto always digs up and reveals our wounds so that we can do the necessary work of healing.  This is usually not easy, but doing this work allows us to clear the debris, so that we can see with more clarity what is truly meaningful to each of our individual lives, and then through this deep transformational process we are able to recognize, reach for, and actualize our individual higher purpose and passion.

During this Moon, old issues will resurface and for those who have their Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or the ruler of the Ascendant in Capricorn, especially between 8-15 degrees of Capricorn, this Full Moon will be felt the most intently.  Mars in Cancer is close to the Sun and adds drive and emotional edge to this astrological mix.  As always, emotions during a Full Moon can be heightened. It is important to use wisdom and consciousness in communicating with others. Be aware of the potential of needing to be right. Create a heartfelt dialogue that allow others their voice and opinions.

Within yourself explore your personal needs, any fears that may arise as you consider what you desire to accomplish out in the world.  With a sober eye, revisit any issues that sidetrack or block your ability to develop and manifest your highest most heart inspired goals. Ask yourself…what is truly important to me at this time in my life? What goals do I want to accomplish? What steps do I need to take to reach these goals? How will these goals affect my personal home life? What can I do to create support and balance within these two areas of my life?

Deep healing, personal growth, and the building of our lives is a life-long process. Along the way, we are given opportunity, motivation, and moments of heightened awareness that can become the stepping stones in growing, creating, and becoming who we really are, and bringing our greatest good into the world. I believe this Full Moon is one of those times….

To fully understand the effect of this Full Moon, it is important to know where in your birthchart it occurs.  If you would like this information, please send me your birth information. Date of birth, time of birth, am/pm (from a birth certificate is best), and city and state of birth.

Be Well ~ Be Love

Deborah Sipple - Talking Sky Astrology