Talking Sky Astrology - Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra

Last night looking over the Sandia Mountains, the Moon was beautiful. There was a ring of bright light surrounding the moon with Jupiter close by and very visible. Around the ring of light was a larger ring of whitish haze whose edges were tinted copper and then a rusty red color, with the very outer edges looking almost to be a metallic dark blue. To me it almost seemed liked a painting. I’ve seen many Full Moons, but this one was truly unique and quite spectacular! And tomorrow, March 23rd, in the early morn, it will be completely full in the sign of Libra.

So let’s look at the astrological significance of this Moon.  First, Lunar Eclipses are Full Moons that pass through some portion of Earth's shadow. They are a more potent Full Moon, and Eclipses are known to usher in change. Full Moons are big and luminous, and shine a powerful light on situations that have reached their peak. We become more aware of our feelings, and thoughts.  With that, we have an opportunity to understand what lies beneath the surface, of what is motivating us.  Many times during a Full Moon, we can gain clarity concerning what we are ready to move forward with or ready to let go of. Where all of the pieces of a situation come together and create the whole picture. For many it is a time of knowing….of taking a position.

Libra Is an air sign that seeks peace, and holds, love, beauty, harmony, and balance in great value. Libra has a natural orientation to the thoughts, feelings, and intentions of others, and with this eclipse in the sign of Libra, relationships of all kinds are on the forefront.  The opposite sign is Aries, a fire sign that seeks courage. Aries is action oriented, independent, and determined.  Aries is the Warrior, charging into the future. This Lunar Eclipse can create an intense awareness of the importance of finding the correct balance between independence and inter-dependence. Between boldly moving forward and taking into consideration the feelings and needs of others.

Adding an extra layer of Aries energy to this Eclipse is the Spring Equinox, which was just a few days ago, when the Sun moved into the fire sign of Aries signaling the beginning of the new astrological year.   Mercury, the planet of communication and perception is also in Aries, and in a very tight conjunction with the Sun. This configuration fuels the need to talk, to listen, to share ideas, thoughts, and feelings.   During this time of year, there is a feeling of renewed energy and beginnings. A sense of new life and hope. As nature blooms so can we.

Is there an area of life, or an important relationship that needs more balance? Is there a situation in your life that has come to a head, and requires attention? During this Moon be aware that emotions can become intense and overwhelming. Hold your desired outcome and remember the importance of listening as well as speaking.  Open to higher guidance as you open your heart, and be aware of the difference between reacting and conscious action.

If you are interested in knowing where this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra falls in your personal birthchart, please send me your birth information. I need mm/dd/yyyy, time of birth am/pm (as exact as possible, birth certificate is best), and city and state of birth.

Be Well ~ Be Love