Talking Sky Astrology • Full Moon in Capricorn

On July 1st at 7:19 pm PST, the Moon is big, bright, and full in the earth sign of Capricorn. The Full Moon is a time of completion or realization. It is a time when conclusions are reached, decisions are made, and resolutions can be acted upon.

 All Full Moons occur when the Sun is opposite the Moon. This creates an awareness, a tension of the different needs and expression of these two luminaries, and the importance of integrating each of these energies to create balance.  This polarity occurs between the Sun in Cancer and Moon in Capricorn, and represents the balance between home, family, safety and personal nurturing (Cancer), and career, goals, achievement, and public reputation (Capricorn).  

Capricorn is a sign that seeks to align its outer world with its inner beliefs. Integrity, responsibility, self-reliant, commitment, determination; these are Capricorn characteristics. Capricorn is deeply goal oriented, and the sometimes solitary, slow, and steady path are an integral part of their accomplishment. Through this timely process Capricorn develops their own personal inner authority that can be serving, solidifying, and steadfast. This inner authority is their personal beacon, yet at times, and for some, can become overbearing, and even tyrannical.

Pluto which has been in the sign of Capricorn since 2008 sits close to the Moon adding a depth and intensity to this lunation. Pluto always digs up and reveals our wounds so that we can do the necessary work of healing.  This is usually not easy, but doing this work allows us to clear the debris, so that we can see with more clarity what is truly meaningful to each of our individual lives, and then through this deep transformational process we are able to recognize, reach for, and actualize our individual higher purpose and passion.

During this Moon, old issues will resurface and for those who have their Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or the ruler of the Ascendant in Capricorn, especially between 8-15 degrees of Capricorn, this Full Moon will be felt the most intently.  Mars in Cancer is close to the Sun and adds drive and emotional edge to this astrological mix.  As always, emotions during a Full Moon can be heightened. It is important to use wisdom and consciousness in communicating with others. Be aware of the potential of needing to be right. Create a heartfelt dialogue that allow others their voice and opinions.

Within yourself explore your personal needs, any fears that may arise as you consider what you desire to accomplish out in the world.  With a sober eye, revisit any issues that sidetrack or block your ability to develop and manifest your highest most heart inspired goals. Ask yourself…what is truly important to me at this time in my life? What goals do I want to accomplish? What steps do I need to take to reach these goals? How will these goals affect my personal home life? What can I do to create support and balance within these two areas of my life?

Deep healing, personal growth, and the building of our lives is a life-long process. Along the way, we are given opportunity, motivation, and moments of heightened awareness that can become the stepping stones in growing, creating, and becoming who we really are, and bringing our greatest good into the world. I believe this Full Moon is one of those times….

To fully understand the effect of this Full Moon, it is important to know where in your birthchart it occurs.  If you would like this information, please send me your birth information. Date of birth, time of birth, am/pm (from a birth certificate is best), and city and state of birth.

Be Well ~ Be Love

Deborah Sipple - Talking Sky Astrology