Talking Sky Astrology - May 2013

MAY 2013 by Deborah Sipple

We move into May on the heels of earthy Taurus energy creating focus on resources. This is a good time to set goals for what is needed for a stable base, financially and otherwise. If you understand what you do require, then as opportunities begin to open up, more appropriate choices can be made. And things will begin to open up as well as speed up.  A gradual change of signs begins on May 9th as Venus moves into the air sign of Gemini, stimulating excitement, curiosity and the desire to explore new and diverse opportunities. Communications of all kinds will increase. This can be a good time to explore new avenues of experiences that you enjoy, as well as sharing new ideas with loved ones. 

Mercury, the planet of communication and the ruler of Gemini, moves into Gemini on May 15th bolstering the activities of this very busy planet.  Following is the Sun on May 20th, and Mars on May 31st, both moving into Gemini as well.

Every year there is a cluster of Gemini energy.  This year however, has Jupiter in Gemini as well which increases Gemini’s buzz, bringing greater expansion and opportunities, many times through areas of communication and shared ideas.  Gemini energy, especially in large quantities can leave you feeling nervous or stretched too thin, prone to excessive chattiness, or very scattered with all the details that continue to come at you.  Do your best with all the seemingly endless possibilities and communications to find the thread to weave together the ones that will move you forward with substance and joy.  Tune into to new possibilities. Talk, share ideas, remain open and listen. You may be amazed at what manifests!

Once again the planet Uranus will begin to move into aspect with Pluto on May 4th building tension as it comes to an exact square with Pluto on May 20th. This aspect of the square between these two powerful planets creates stress, tension, and even the potential for crisis. This is very compelling and although stressful, creates the potential for meaningful change and greater authenticity within each of us individually and collectively. This is the 3rd of 7 squares that will conclude in 2015.  A time to examine old structures that no are no longer working and determine what is truly important.  As the 20th approaches, it can begin to feel very intense.  Engage the energy with positive intent and remember to breathe through the times that may overwhelm.  There is great power during these squares to once again re-clarify, make choices and take action that will bring deeper fulfillment, joy, and purpose in life.

In May there are two eclipses. Eclipses are very potent, powerful new and full moons, signifying changes that can begin to manifest sometime prior to the eclipse, and up to 3-6 months after. The first one on May 9th is a new moon solar eclipse in the sign of Taurus.  The new moon is a good time to start something new, or change patterns that are outgrown or unsatisfying.

In the sign of Taurus, this new moon solar eclipse has added Taurus energy from the Sun, Mercury, and Mars, and shines light on resources; inner and outer.  Taurus likes consistency, which can become feeling stuck in a rut, however eclipses bring change.  Engage consciously with the energy for best results. Is there some new skill, tool, financial support that you need to begin? Are there new directions to be thought of, talked about or actively taken?  Is there some plan that needs to be put into place to create more abundance and or stability? Are there others that can bring support or aid to your life at this time? Find that calm place inside, ground yourself, and put thought into what the appropriate course of action is, that which will adjust, develop, or support your inner and outer resource base creating new experiences of stability.

The second eclipse is a full moon lunar eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius on May 24th.  The full moon is a good time to accomplish or complete something, especially what you may have begun on the new moon. It is a time when you can come to a conclusion or full understanding of a situation, that can support or challenge personal belief systems.  It is a time when emotions can be intense and that can pose the possibility of saying or doing something in the heat of the moment that may bring unpleasant repercussions. Sagittarius energy needs movement and at times can be careless, so if overcome by challenging emotions, refrain from taking off in a vehicle, take a cool down walk instead. This is especially wise if personal planets are in the sign of Sagittarius.

These current planetary aspects need to be applied to the birth-chart to gain the fullest understanding of their impact and meaning.  Please email me at me if you have questions.

Be Well ~ Be Love