Vernal Equinox 2006


I woke up early, just before sunrise, like most mornings. This particular morning was different from the others. I wasn't quite. It wasn't still. The birds were hushed to make way for louder noises. The fire breath of the hot air balloon belched a yellow red flame into the canopy. Somehow the comfortable sound muffled the gun shot. Cowboys shot a cow for it's meat. I watched the balloon hover and cowboys carve, both emitting a vapor. I wonder what the people in the sky are saying to each other. It is spring. Two ducks quacked their way passed, aware only of each other. All this gave a voice to the feelings I have in my soul as summer hints of it's arrival. In one view, I saw ascension and transformation.


I have waited all my life to be in this moment and being this excited about living, creating, and personal transformations. A was a child the last time I enjoyed just being as much as I enjoy it now. I am driven to paint, act, and enjoy family and loved ones with zeal. Equally, I am driven to be in the still. Life is good in all it's forms.