Last night I was standing in the check out line in Home Depot. An androgynous child was standing in the shopping cart just before me. The mother was busy multitasking her phone and demanding the card reader to perform correctly. A stubby, chubby little finger almost touched my chest accompanied by the exclamation, "Mom! Look, a pirate!" I quickly placed my index finger to my lips and gave the universal symbol of, Shhh accompanied with a wink. The contract of secrecy was signed with an attempted return wink which was more like a blink. The shopping cart left the checkout station with the jerk of a railroad car. I peg legged my way to the cashier, looking over just in time to catch a half bent finger wave from the wide eyed child. I winked again as the cart disappeared into the night. Rosita, the cashier with the penciled in eyebrows, ask, having fun? Always, I replied with a grin.

Upon reflection in the rear view mirror: bandanna holding tangled hair in place, check; gold hoop earrings, check; dark circles around my eyes, check. Pirate laughter.

I wonder how long the magic will last? When will this child realize I was just some guy buying tools at 8 PM? Never I hope. For a people to survive, we must believe in the magic. We must live our mythology.