Playing With Matches


As a very small child I became interested in fire. It looked to me like a liquid which pored upward and disappears on it's way to the heavens. Upside down water. An opposite match. It intrigued me to think fire has the ability to make water disappear and in turn, water has the ability to make fire disappear. When the fire and water have disappeared, we are left with the common denominator, minerals. Minerals, the same stuff we are all made of before fire and water was added. The same thing we will one day return to, our Mother Earth. No matter what color the match, fire was simply fire. Of course I did not think of all these things as a child as I struck a match and watched the flame glow and evaporate. The list of things I burnt to the ground is too long and embarrassing to disclose. As a child I didn't understand fire building for me was my meditation, a way to reach the empty space. Perhaps my parents understood, for they let me play with matches.