I have had many mentors over the years: My Parents, Alvin and Mia; Romeo Reyna, who taught me the discipline of being a professional artist; Viloy Vigil, who let me use his studio and supplies when I could not afford my own; Tally Richards, my first significant art dealer, who gave me tough love, encouragement, and hung my work next to established masters long before I was ready;  Elaine Horwitch, an art dealer, who changed the landscape of my life by kicking open the doors of possibility; Thom Eberhardt, who teaches me how to write and make films; and Spiritual Teachers who I assume prefer not to be named. If it were not for their generosity of spirit, I would not have had the blessed creative life I have been so fortunate to have. The following is not so much a testament to me, it is the acknowledgment of those who came before me. In everything you do, pay it forward.

I could not be more proud of Elysé Boulanger accomplishments as an artist and a human being.

Sweet Medicine by Elysé Boulanger

When I was five years old I would frequent Rhett’s studio.  I can still remember the way the freshly mixed paint smelled, the piles and piles of newly stretched canvas, the thunderous sound of rock and blues playing in the background, and Rhett like an artfully crafted dance painting this grandiose bull emerging from the mist. With every brush stroke the bull would gracefully move closer and closer developing an intimate relationship with its viewer.

For Rhett, his “A-ha” moment of knowing he was to be an artist was as a five year old curled up in his blanket fort in the living room watching Picasso and the bullfight and knowing. “Aha! That’s who I want to be as an artist!” For me, it was the moment I just described.  A kind gentlemen with a long black braid to his waist, dressed traditionally in a Red Velvet Shirt paying homage to his Navajo roots, and cowboy boots to never forget from which he came. (Texas)

After 21 years of studying from this Modern Master, I am here to debut to you Sweet Medicine.  A series of 20, 6 x 6 original paintings for $100.00 exploring the life and career of my dear friend and art mentor, Rhett Lynch.  Rhett has always instilled in me the value of making your work affordable to your audience because art is the very DNA of this experience we all call life.  Every invention and or modern convenience has an Artist behind its creation.

Turtle Medicine by  Elys  é Boulanger

Turtle Medicine by Elysé Boulanger