Beau - Pet Portrait

I began my career over forty years ago creating paintings of dogs. I honestly don't know for sure if I would still be alive had I not had the company and responsibility of caring for the dogs in my life. From the hundreds of dog portraits I have created for people over time, I know my story isn't unique. I have always proudly said, I found this dog on the road, or this one came from a shelter and so on. The knowing and unspoken secret between my dogs and I has always been, I was the rescue.

Please enjoy the little video of Beau. He is gone now, but he was special to me and it was an honor and pleasure to capture a little moment in a painting for Beau's person Warren.

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One Day

Spirit and His Wolf

Spirit and His Wolf

Last week I returned home from auditioning for the part of 'Chief Little Man', for the film "Fools Gold" and immediately noticed something missing, Spirit. Spirit, (coincidentally, I call him Little Man several times a day) is my constant companion. At this moment, he is sleeping nuzzled up next to my Chuck Taylors. He is a quirky Chihuahua who loves to eat chicken, visit the goats in the pasture, and remind the other dogs he is boss. In Spirit's world, being boss means he can overlook the fact he gets pinned down by the other dogs on a regular basis when they have had enough of his directive. Being boss also means, he is first in line to greet me at the door when I come home. Last Thursday, he wasn't at the door barking, stamping, and playing keep the other dogs away from me. This time only Kasha and Ruby stood there, quite gentle souls waiting their turn for attention. As I rushed Spirit to the after hours emergency dog hospital, I surveyed the large knot in his neck and felt his fever warming my hand. His head was drawn down to his right shoulder. The vet disappeared with him behind hinged doors. Sitting in my van, I fought back tears and waited. His surgery was a success! He is back running things and collecting paint drips on his back from standing too close in the studio. A thought keeps passing by, like the news messages we see running at the bottom of our television screens, 'Everything could change in just one day'.