Song of the Day • Aquaria by BOOTS

BOOTS is the most interesting new artist I've heard in 2015. You may have first encountered him writing and producing songs on Beyoncé's self-titled 2013 album. Earlier this year we premiered BOOTS' self-directed engaging short film/music video Motorcycle Jesus, complete with five brand new songs: his own songs.

I just recently heard his new album Aquaria, and his mix of sounds, ranging from Bowie to Reznor to hip-hop was so original that I felt compelled to talk with him. So: Meet Jordy Asher, a.k.a. BOOTS, and come discover some of what makes his debut album, Aquaria, co-produced by El-P (Run the Jewels) and Carla Azar (Autolux) my most anticipated new artist release for 2015. You can hear some of that music in the interview on this page. It is heavily rhythm-based, sometimes spare, mostly muscular. It feels complex, but as I learned, Jordy Asher has strict rules governing how sounds come and go in the mix. He also shares stories that are chilling and revealing, including a life changing experience of having a young man pushed onto the New York Subway tracks die in his arms.

Eliot Lee Hazel