Artist Journal • Birthday Vow

I contemplated my birthday before the sun rose. I generally like to breeze on past my birthday without confetti and party hats. Incognito birthdays. This birthday I could feel the launching of soul fireworks. Maybe it is the full moon lunar eclipse or it being a super moon or both? What I do know is as a child I felt an urgency to live. As a grown man, here on my birthday, the calling is deafening. Life has never tasted sweeter and I am so deeply grateful to be healthy and alive, however, I thirst to suck the wine right out of the vine of life. I have love to make, love to give, paintings still in tubes, songs unsung, music unplayed, films uncaptured, stories untold and experiences impatiently waiting in the unknown. On this birthday I vow to live the rest of my days running deeply into the wildness of life.