Artist Journal • Easter

I remember when I was a little boy and the Easter Clown would come and visit my aunts. He taught me how to paint my Easter eggs in camouflage so they would be harder to find. Once I found the twelve dozen eggs he hid for me, I would then have to find the Easter Clown and my aunts. Finally they would show up right before dark. They were always laughing and acting silly when they returned. The Easter Clown was funny. This always made sense to me because he was a clown. To be the Easter Clown you probably had to be a lot funnier than a birthday clown. After dinner Easter Clown would teach me a magic trick. One year he taught me how to pull a rabbit out of my hat. This skill became useful in my career as an artist. I ask if could he make the rabbit disappear. He taught me one of the most wondrous mysteries and indeed, shared with me the secret of making something disappear. The following Easter my aunts worn the new Easter dresses they sewn by hand with matching bonnets. In turn they would look out the window, check the phone, and walk onto the front porch. Easter Clown never arrived. On days like today I think about Easter Clown and what it would be like to be a magician. I never attended clown collage like I promised. At twenty-four I was ready to make the commitment of life as a clown until I discovered the school was in Florida.