Life is Grand

Last night I fell asleep watching the lightning through the open window above my head. Just as I drifted off, BOOM! It was so loud I was certain it struck something very, very close. Immediately, the scent of a skunk permeated the air. Obviously, he had the stink scared out of him. Again, I fell asleep watching the light show. I wondered if this would be the night I die. From childhood I had a feeling I would leave this world with a lightning strike. I was so convinced of this, in my teen's and 20's, I fearlessly engaged in dangerous activities knowing I would live though anything as long as lightning was not involved. Asleep once again, I felt a wetness, a mist, bathing my face. I awoke to the rain blowing through the window, baptizing me. I smiled and drifted off into the dreamland welcoming the bath. My last thought before I slumbered was, "Life is Grand."