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Rhett in his Artist Room at Nativo Lodge - Photo by Leo York

Rhett in his Artist Room at Nativo Lodge - Photo by Leo York

Life can change dramatically in a snap. As least it appears to happen like that. If we look back from a significant moment with a open eye, there is a well defined path to the expected and unexpected big moments. When we learn to recognize this path, it can help us see clearly where we are headed. When we see the path which leads up to where we are now, there are questions we can ask ourselves. Do we like the direction our past decisions are leading us? Are we in alignment with our desired destiny? If not, what adjustments shall we make?

I launched the updated version of my website this past week; I am gratefull you found your way here and are with me at this moment. I am hoping you would be so kind and take a quick look around and share with me what you see. Do you like where I am going? Does this new forum fulfill everything you would like to see? What adjustments shall I make?

Your recommendations are greatly needed. No doubt I am overlooking the obvious. In gratitude, a special Promo Code will appear valid until May 10, 2013. Stop by often; I am adding new artwork and content daily. Thank you. - Rhett Lynch

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