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Rhett Lynch was born in Lubbock, Texas and said it was an usual place for a Navajo to be. His parents were migrant workers and he experienced malnutrition as a baby and was put up for adoption.

As a child he learned from nature and the animals he took care of in his rural neighborhood. He spent a lot of time alone as a child, which he believes allowed him to think deeper than most kids. One day he was pondering what was god, hearing that god was always referred to as the creator. As he thought about it more, he discovered that he must also be a creator, just as nature constantly creates to connect with the ultimate creator. In this process he emulates and forms a relationship with the ultimate creator.
He moved to Taos as a teenager to pursue art. Being financially challenged at this time, he worked endlessly to develop his artistic skills and doing a range of jobs. Through hard work he now makes a living as an artist and feels responsible to respect his position and realize the responsibility of his career. Being an artist makes him feel that he is luckest person alive.
Now he is at the point in his career where he wants to explore the parts of himself that are a little raw, wounded, and the unfinished places that have been avoided throughout his life. Exploration of the dark parts of himself has now become his journey, reflecting itself in his art.
When asked what was his biggest fear, he responded saying that he doesn't believe in the devil but if he could label the devil it would have to be fear. He is not afraid of not being in his body, because he believes he was something before this life and will be something after. He doesn't really have a fear, but enjoys the opportunity of being here. He embraces fear in order to learn from it and conquer it. If he allows himself to fear he feels will go backwards and not fulfill the opportunity he is here on this planet to do.
In life Rhett believes that you must learn to be still and quiet. Reflect upon your life, spend time in nature, and find a way to connect yourself to the source, whatever that might be for you. Also realize that you are an aspect of nature and must work with it in order to fulfill its purpose and yours.
Rhett is one of the wisest and most grounded men I have ever met. It was an opportunity of a lifetime to learn from him.