Portrait of a Shapeshifter

Portrait of a ShapeShifter.JPG

ShapeShifting refers to a change from human form to animal form and vice versa or a change in appearance from one person to another or an animal transforming into another animal. Almost every culture around the world has some type of shapeshifting story: a frog turning into a prince by means of a kiss, a hand carved wooden doll turning into a real little boy with a nose issue, werewolves, vampires, and so on. Almost every commonly found animal (and some not-so-common ones) probably have a shapeshifting story attached to them. Usually, the animal involved in the transformation is most likely indigenous to or prevalent in the area from which the story derives. In addition, it is worthy to note that while the popular idea of a shapeshifter is of a human being who turns into something else, there are numerous stories about animals that can transform themselves as well. Many stories in the Native American culture pertain to the art and ceremony of changing form. Portrait of a ShapeShifter is inspired from these stories.