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Rhett lives and works in Santa Fe and Alameda, New Mexico. In his thirty years as a professional artist, he has found expression in a variety of mediums including producing, directing, writing and acting in films. His visual creations have also taken form in hand-woven tapestries to sculpture, drawings, monotypes to paintings in oil and acrylic. He continues to experiment with various materials, always seeing a broader visual vocabulary, in order to bring more power, life, and intensity to his creativity whether he is working in film or his art. He has focused on a broad range of subject matter, depicting the human condition in realistic as well as abstract manner using animals, icons, archetypes, myth, and legend - subjects whimsical to tragic to the mystical. Rhett draws from the well of his Indigenous heritage and his work is a testament to the deeply powerful symbols found there. He uses images conveying a universal message, which crosses all cultural boundaries. Although varying greatly in medium and subject matter, all of Rhett's work contains a common thread: intensity of color and multifaceted intent. His film work and paintings are deeply personal, complex and moving, sometimes disturbingly so, providing an interactive experience provoking thought, evoking emotion, and leaving a lasting imprint on the psyche. Rhett has worked with Two Worlds in the past with his film Edgar's Journey, produced with Creative Spirit New Mexico in 2008 and VSA Arts of New Mexico.  It has been inspiring to see Rhett's work shine brightly within the community and it comes as no surprise that Two Worlds is thankful to have a role model and veteran to applaud for years to come!

-Two Worlds Theater and Film
May 2013 Newsletter