Pure Water

In 2000 I had a dream about the water. I saw we are in trouble in a way we have never before thought possible. Humans were rapidly contaminating the elements to a tipping point. The earth is a living being just as you and I are living beings. It has a will and desire to survive. The earth will survive regardless of human behavior. It is the human task to preserve their, and other living things, place here on earth. Despite outward appearances, I feel like we as a human race, like living here on earth.

What can I do? I asked myself this question for two years. I spoke with elders, politicians, and friends. I came to the conclusion my best choice was to live my truth out loud with my paintings, films and with my words. I am only one voice. With enough people singing the same song, we can come back to balance with a uni-verse.

The paintings below represent a small sample of the "Prayer Paintings". These paintings are a vital part of my ceremony. The dragonfly represents pure water to the Navajo.

About Rhett

Rhett lives and works in Alameda, New Mexico. In his thirty plus years as a professional artist, he has found expression in a variety of mediums: hand-woven tapestries, sculpture, drawings, monotypes, paintings in oil and acrylic, writing, acting in films, and developing the motion picture production company, Heap Big Films. Always seeking to expand his visual vocabulary, Rhett consistently experiments with various materials in order to bring more power, life, and intensity to his art. Rhett's broad range of subject matter: the human form, animals, landscapes, icons, archetypes, myth and legend, are depicted realistically to pure abstract, whimsical to mystical. Rhett refers to his work as a visual journal, recording his experiences as a tourist of life. His work is a testament to the deeply powerful symbols found in the well of his Indigenous heritage. His work conveys a universal message, which crosses all cultural boundaries. Although varying greatly in medium and subject matter, all of Rhett's work contains a common thread, intensity of color interwoven with multifaceted intent. His paintings and writing are deeply personal, complex and moving, sometimes disturbingly so. Viewing Rhett's works provides an interactive experience provoking thought, evoking emotion, and leaving a lasting imprint on the psyche. Rhett's work, which has appreciated consistently in value over three decades, attracts a broad range of collectors, veteran as well as neophyte, from entertainment and political personalities, to church parishes and corporations such as CNN.