Naked Fear

Joe Mantegna stars Naked Fear. Naked Fear is based on the real-life, "Most Dangerous Game", style murders of Robert Hansen, the Alaskan big game hunter who kidnapped, drugged, raped and then hunted between 17 and 37 female victims.  In this twist on the story, "Naked Fear" follows the story of  Diana Kelper, 23, who is kidnapped, violently assaulted, and released into the wild by Colin the master hunter.  Her first thought is of escape, but after a day and a half of staying ahead of her pursuer, she turns the tables and goes on the offensive.  A young woman who had never succeeded in her life finds the resource within herself to best the master hunter.

Rhett Lynch plays the role of Jack, a pimp and the owner of the Wild Cherry, a local strip joint. Diana Kelper starts her new employment at the Wild Cherry under adverse conditions. Shortly thereafter, Diana mysteriously disappears.